The project participants have extensive experience in working with wood composites. Since the early 2000s, LUT Fiber Composite Laboratory has been manufacturing and testing composites according to EU standards. Professor Andrei Ponomarev, a lead researcher of STC of Applied Nanotechnologies, received the first Russian patent for hybrid wood structural components. Scientific and Technological Centre of Applied Nanotechnologies Inc. has a considerable scientific and technical background in the field of fundamental physics and chemistry of nanostructures and applied nanotechnologies.

Project participants have experience of cooperation in the area of improvement of the physical and mechanical characteristics, flammability and durability of vegetable materials with the help of innovative technologies.

LUT’s Fiber Composite Laboratory

  1. Professor Timo Kärki, Head of the lab
  2. Ville Lahtela, Post-doctoral Researcher
  3. Anni Liikanen, Funding advisor


  1. Galina Kozinets, Acting Director of the Institute of Civil Engineering
  2. Mikhail Romanov, Deputy Director for International Relations of the Institute of Civil Engineering
  3. Stanislav Akimov, Polytech-SKiM-Test laboratory
  4. Julia Lednova, Institute of Civil Engineering
  5. Dmitry Zotov, Institute of Civil Engineering
  6. Petr Chernov, Institute of Civil Engineering
  7. Maksimilian Ternovsky, Polytech-SKiM-Test laboratory
  8. Maria Zhidkova, Manager of International Academic Cooperation Department

Scientific and Technological Centre of Applied Nanotechnologies 

  1. Andrey Ponomarev, Director
  2. Yakov Tsybulevskii, Director for Innovation
  3. Aleksandr Beloglazov, Senior Engineer
  4. Evgenia Ponomareva, Engineer, Designer