Project update #3

Testing in the research laboratory "Polytech-SKiM-Test" at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University was carried out.

The purpose of the testing was to specify the strength and deformation characteristics of composite materials as initial data for the calculation of real constructions, as well as to assess the effect of linear and planar surface reinforcement of a wood base on the strength of the material.

The tests carried out made it possible to obtain the strength and deformation characteristics of typical composite structures required in engineering calculations.

The tests showed that the reinforcement of gratings with basalt roving increases the bearing capacity by an average of 15%, and the deflection deformation decreases by about 20%, the reinforcement of the lower planks with a laminate layer increases the carrying capacity of structures by 50-80%, compared to the roving, and the bending deformation reduces by 4-5 times.