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Project update #7

Process of a strength test of a cube made of multimineral binder, which will cover the constructions within our project. Testing was made in the Polytech-SKiM-Test laboratory of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. testing

Project update #13

... settlement in the Leningrad region to monitor the installed bridge. The pointcloud of the bridge can be found here: http://sustech-project.ru/point.../bridge1_3/bridge_pc3.html By the way, during the measurements, 4 local residents crossed the bridge. constructions

Project update #18

... SPbPU in the frame of SUSTECH project. Prof. Timo Kärki from LUT University became one of the lecturers of the programs. In the course of the programs, the students will get acquainted with the basics of design principles and fire safety of timber constructions. joint programs

Project Indicators

... high-resource structures in wooden house-building. Also hybrid polymer-wood composites with external reinforcement can be used in construction of infrastructural modules in hard-to-reach zones in the Programme's core area. There can different types of constructions - arbors, minor bridges, bog footbridges, etc. It makes it possible to apply the widest range of architectural solutions in traditional or modern style without any restrictions and at the same time economize national natural resources.

Project update #3

... "Polytech-SKiM-Test" at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University was carried out. The purpose of the testing was to specify the strength and deformation characteristics of composite materials as initial data for the calculation of real constructions, as well as to assess the effect of linear and planar surface reinforcement of a wood base on the strength of the material. The tests carried out made it possible to obtain the strength and deformation characteristics of typical composite ...