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Project update #9

... Nanotechnologies carries out winding basalt, carbon and hybrid nets on construction elements. STC "Applied Nanotechnologies" representatives in collaboration with LUT University continue investigating the optimal type of external reinforcement. testing

Project Indicators

... construction - 1 Number of open access publications in scientific journals - 6 Economic evaluation report - 1 Developed experimental equipment - 2 Set of tested basic construction elements - 8 Number of manufactured constructions test samples for full-scale testing - 2 Number of territories, where the constructions were installed - 2


The project participants have extensive experience in working with wood composites. Since the early 2000s, LUT Fiber Composite Laboratory has been manufacturing and testing composites according to EU standards. Professor Andrei Ponomarev, a lead researcher of STC of Applied Nanotechnologies, received the first Russian patent for hybrid wood structural components. Scientific and Technological Centre of Applied Nanotechnologies ...